Made in Germany

Wire is everywhere

Wire is used in a wide variety of ways and is essential in everyday life. Our wire products are used in a large number of products from a wide range of industries.

Irrespective of which wire characteristic is required, our existing customers count on our strength to work in partnership to find individual material solutions for every purpose.

Our wires are used in the following industries and areas in particular:

Rope wire

Crane ropes
Lift ropes
Bridge ropes
Sling ropes

Spring steel wire

Automotive industry
electrical engineering
furniture and fittings industry
medical engineering
machine building

Wire for blind riveting

Automotive engineering

Spoke wire

Bicycle wheels

Brush wire

Brushes for industrial applications and road sweepers

Wire for winding & coiling

Flexible shafts for the automotive industry, tools and machinery

Special wire

Textile industry
Medical engineering
Cosmetics industry